Womama birthing wrap video

The Womama birthing wrap is a favorite among Australian mothers., for use before, during, and after labor. In this video we are going to look at the features of the Womama birthing wrap.

The Womama birthing wrap was the first birthing gown released onto the market and is currently a market leader. The Womama wrap comes packaged in a beautiful box, which makes it an ideal baby shower gift. This birthing wrap is available in three colours, including, Black, Teal, and Red, and is generously sized to accommodate a mothers growing belly.

The Womama birthing wrap is a very simple wrap design. Due to this simple design, the Womama birthing wrap can be worn as a maternity dress throughout your pregnancy, or try wearing it over jeans or leggings.  It has a high back, so that there is no back exposure, and a V-neck front. If you are concerned about the depth of the V-neck, you can always where a camisole or singlet underneath the wrap. The sleeves of the Womama wrap are not too fitted, so they shouldn’t be restrictive for most people, and the length comes to just above the knee.

The Womama birthing wrap was designed to be worn during labour, but in addition to being worn throughout your pregnancy, can also be used post pregnancy as a nursing nightie. Some of the great features of this birthing gown are that it is made from 100% certified organic cotton, making it lovely, soft and breathable. It feels beautiful against the skin. The wrap design of the Womama birthing gown also means that mum remains completely covered, resulting in no unnecessary exposure while in the labor room or while walking the hospital corridors. It also means that doctors have free and easy access to apply fetal monitors or to administer any necessary pain medication. One of the other great advantages of this wrap design is that the baby has easy access to the breast, and is able to have skin to skin contact with the mother. Simply pull the flap of the Womama wrap over baby once they are laying on the skin, and the wrap doubles as a blanket.

To find out more about the Womama birthing wrap or any of our other birthing gowns, please have a browse through our birthing gown category.

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