How does it compare to the Belly Bandit?

Below, we will provide you with two Vespa and the ladybird belly wrap reviews.The Vespa and the Ladybird belly wraps were made available to Australian mothers in 2010. These post pregnancy belly wraps are essentially the same as the Belly Bandit (the first modern post pregnancy belly wrap released in the US during 2009). The first will look at the Classic (or basic) version and the second will look at the Plush (bamboo) version. These reviews will be based on a comparison against both the Original and Bamboo Belly bandits.

Vespa and ladybird Classic belly wrap vs. Original Belly bandit

  • The feel of the Classic Vespa belly wrap is essentially the same as the Original Belly Bandit.
  • The Vespa wrap has extra Velcro, which provides you with more adjustability.  This means it will fit you for longer as you shrink down in size, and reduce the possibility of you needing to purchase 2 different sizes.
  • The Vespa belly wrap range is manufactured in China, which makes it a cheaper alternative to the US made Belly Bandit, and this is sometimes noticeable in the quality/make of the wraps.
  • The Original Belly Bandit does have the ‘Belly Bandit’ brand printed all over the wrap, which may be noticeable under very thin fabric. The Vespa however, does not have any of this, and is one solid colour.
  • Packaging of the Vespa and the Ladybird belly wrap is simpler than the Belly Bandit, perhaps only a major consideration if purchasing this product as a gift for someone.

Vespa and the ladybird Plush belly wrap vs. Bamboo Belly Bandit

The differences between the two brands are almost nothing, except again for those things mentioned above: extra Velcro on the Vespa wrap, the more basic packaging, and the fact that the Vespa wrap is made in China rather than the USA. There is no ‘Belly Bandit’ branding printed on the Bamboo Belly Bandit, so both brands look the same.

At the end of the day, the Vespa and the ladybird wraps are an excellent alternative to the Belly Bandit. They will achieve the same results – getting you back to your pre-pregnancy shape quicker post birth. The Vespa wraps are a much better price point, and because they will fit you longer, there is less chance of you needing to purchase more than one size (which ultimately helps save you money!)

For more detailed Vespa and the ladybird belly wrap reviews, including how comfortable they are, their visibility under clothing, and their adjustability; or to find out more about other great post pregnancy belly wrap options, visit our belly wrap review page. Alternatively, if you have a question, please feel free to contact us and we will respond to your enquiry shortly.

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