Travelling with children

Travelling with children – tips to help you plan your holidays

In the past ten years we have been able to travel extensively within Australia and more recently, overseas.  Deciding to take a trip usuallytravelling with children comes down to affordability and timing, so there is often a moment after the, ‘Yes’ that we both think, ‘What have we gotten ourselves into?’  Travelling with children can be wonderful but often it is only through careful planning and execution that it turns out to be a great experience.  I quickly learnt that reading a good book on a long flight was out of the question!

I have written a two-part series as we lead up to school holidays in Tasmania.  The first item on my list is packing!  It is difficult enough to decide what to pack for yourself let alone for a baby or toddler.  I recommend keeping a master list that can be added to and used as a checklist.  We have one for camping which is always useful.  I recommend starting the packing a few days before as you just never know what has gone missing or what the little one has suddenly grown out of!  The master list covers bedding, clothing, shoes, toiletries, books, drawing gear, toys, outdoor activities and wet weather items.  From now on, it will require a technology section!

The second item for this week is food!  On a trip to Darwin I had a beautiful bag of healthy goodies such as dried fruit, yogurt balls, crackers and pretzels to take on the two flights.  I gave Mia her bag, somehow forgetting to let her know it had to last the whole trip.  Needless to say she was full after the short flight to Melbourne and there was nothing left for the long flight! Children often get sore ears on plane rides if they don’t equalise very often.  I have found that swallowing from a sippy bottle can help.  What ideas do you have that you could share with each other?

Happy travels, Meagan


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