Travelling with children (part two)

Travelling with children – tips to help you plan your holidays (Part 2)

So last week we talked about packing and eating when travelling, but what to do for long periods of sitting and waiting?

Of course the obvious answer these days is to use the iPhone and iPad or a DVD player.  They have been life savers more times than I can count, except when they are flat and there is no where to charge!  It is a good idea to consider downloading the games you want and utilising the timer to help with stopping the game, especially if sharing with other siblings.  If you read your Bible, this is a great opportunity to read together, especially as we always look for more time in our days at home.

Can I suggest that this time of waiting and sitting is a great opportunity to build relationships with your children, no matter what age.  Playing games, reading books, singing songs, talking, writing and drawing can be wonderful activities for building family identity and having fun together.  It is still quite common for my younger children to play “Row, row, row your boat” when they are hanging out together.   We have been playing that since they were born.   Other games we play, especially in the car are eye spy, car cricket, ‘first one to see…’, songs that start with…, and alliteration such as, “Marvellous Mummy mediates mundane muddles”.  I really need some new ones so please write in!

It is important to help children break the trip into portions, especially when they are older and don’t have a sleep.  This avoids, but does not eliminate, the classic, “Are we there yet?” question.  You could use this time to teach children about telling the time, reading the road signs to calculate kilometres and posing problems for them to solve such as petrol use per kilometre.

Build relationship and share your ideas here!

Stay safe and have fun.


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