The MummaBubba Teething Necklace has now arrived

The Teething necklace by MummaBubba jewellery has been fantastic!

Mumma Bubba teething necklace

With baby number 3 now reaching the teething stage, we have recently added MummaBubba teething jewellery to our product range. To be honest, I never quite understood what all the fuss was about when it came to teething toys – as my first 2 children really never sucked on them or had any interest in chewing things. They would suck on a cold face washer, or I would rub some Bonjela on their sore gums, and that was that. However, baby number 3 in MUCH different. Ever since she has been able to grab something, she has put it straight in her mouth and started chewing down on it. After having her nearly break my special necklace and suck it clean on several occasions I decided it was time to give a teething necklace a try. The minute my little girl got her hands on to it, she just chewed and chewed AND chewed. I could definitely conclude that it was a success! Now my special jewellery is safe, and she is content to play and chew on my necklace safely.

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