Managing Sleep Deprivation

Dear DiaryWoman Turning Off Alarm

Last night I slept for six hours solid and I feel worse than yesterday evening when I slept for 2 hours here, 3 hours there, 2o mins here!  zzzzzzz

Anyone else ever felt this way?  Our bodies are amazing with how much stress they can cope with but sleep deprivation
can cause lots of problems. I found the most troublesome was these nights of long sleeps after 3 months of being used to 3 or 4 hour naps!

Sleep is so vital to our health but what are we to do when sleep is out of our control?  I found it was always good to catch a nap on the weekend, however, that sometimes made me more weary for the rest of the day ahead!  I have since found going to bed at the same time is helpful.  As I said, this is sometimes (!) out of our control, but generally speaking having a bedtime that is similar can help our body clocks work at their optimum.  One of my biggest problems, and I will hazard a guess this is yours too, is staying up too late having “me” time, watching a favourite show, cooking, crafting, going out or reading a book into the wee hours of the morning.  It can feel so good but I guarantee that in the morning you often regret it!

Can I take this blog to remind you that all of the stages of mothering are seasons and they do not last forever.  While your baby is young it can seem never-ending but I can tell you that it mostly comes to an end and you can rest easier.  What are your suggestions for coping with lack of sleep?

See you next week, Meagan

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