Sit and stare

Sit, stare, and enjoy your children!staring

Has anyone else ever spent hours just sitting and watching your baby?  It is such precious time and is so enjoyable.  I thought when my children were babies it would be my only chance to do that, but I spend a lot of time sitting, staring and listening to my children now too.  There is something amazing about the little world children enter into when playing a game, on their own or with another child.  The sound of a child playing with cars, without a care in the world, revving the engine and making up a story as they go is precious beyond words.   Why is it that we feel indulgent and as if we need to justify our time when we have been sitting and staring?

As a teacher, I often focus on observation as a tool of assessment.  It is useful in so many ways, but as a parent the same tool can be useful in knowing your child; knowing what they like, or don’t like, knowing their interests or what frightens them and knowing the type of personality they have.  I encourage you to take the time to observe and listen to your children from a distance.  Through doing this, usually whilst cooking a meal, I hear the things I need to teach the children or revisit in their learning.  For example, if there is fractious conversations or playing.  This may be as simple as everyone having a late night previously or it could be a deeper issue of not sharing or even power struggles.

I dare you to stop and stare!  I would love to hear what you have to say about this type of activity!  I take no responsibility for any problems caused by missing appointments or forgetting home chores because you are ‘observing!’


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