Shrinkx Hips – helping you regain your pre-pregnancy shape

Shrinkx Hips Ultra web imageWhat exactly is the Shrinkx Hips? Have you ever noticed that after you have had your baby, your hips seem wider than they used to be? You may get back to your pre-pregnancy weight, and size, but you still can’t get into your favourite jeans due to your hips having changed? Well, the Shrinkx Hips is here to help!

How the Shrinkx Hips works

The Shrinkx Hips has been specially designed to comfortably assist with the postnatal recovery of your hips. The Shrinkx Hips works by capitalising on the relaxin that is present in your body in the first 8 weeks post birth. Relaxin is what causes all your joints to soften and become more flexible. This is preparation for your baby to come down through the birth canal. The increase in this hormone can ultimately cause your joints to move and change – often resulting in wider hips. This relaxin is also often the culprit of hip and pelvic pain and discomfort during pregnancy.

Wear the product so that it is offering firm and comfortable support around your hip area. The compression that the the Shrinkx Hips offers will assist in gently easing your hips back to their pre-pregnancy shape. It is recommended to begin wearing the Shrinkx Hips within the first 6-8 weeks post birth, but ideally as soon as possible.  After you give birth, the relaxin levels in your body begin to decrease quite rapidly. Once the relaxin levels are at their lowest, your joints will not move as easily, and the product will not be as effective. Women who have suffered, or continue to suffer with SPD or PGP (Hip or pelvic girdle pain), can continue wearing the product as a form of sacroiliac belt. It will provide a nice level of support, helping reduce the pain associated with such conditions.

We are often asked if you can wear the Shrinkx Hips in conjunction with a belly wrap? The answer is – YES! The Shrinkx Hips ultra is available in two sizes (S/M or M/L). Please check the sizing instructions on the product page to ensure you are selecting the correct one and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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