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The V2 Supporter provides compression therapy for vulvar varicosities or the feeling that “everything is going to fall out the bottom”. Also provides excellent support for prolapse sufferers.

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Product Description

pregnancy back pain moderate support

DueSoon Recommendation:

We recommend this product for women requiring support for vulvar varicosities or prolapse. The groin straps are adjustable for achieving the correct level of support. However, the waistband of this product is not adjustable, making this product similar to wearing an extra piece of underwear. It provides a ‘step in, step out’ support option. It does not provide support to the hips and is not suitable for SPD or PGP pain.

V2 Supporter Overview:

The V2 Supporter is highly recommended by doctors, nurses, midwives and health professionals. Through clinically proven compression, the V2 supporter can help to alleviate the symptoms and side effects of conditions such as Vulvar Varicosities, Swelling in the pubic or perineal areas, and external prolapse of the bladder or uterus.

As your uterus grows throughout pregnancy, it begins to place increased pressure on the veins around your pelvic area. This pressure begins to reduce or restrict adequate blood flow to the pubic region. This reduced blood flow, coupled with naturally higher levels of oestrogen and progesterone, can result in the veins becoming distended, and popping out, thus creating Vulvar Varicosities (similar to varicose veins, except they appear in the pubic area). Vulvar varicosities can be sore and uncomfortable  and can lead to the feeling of everything about to ‘fall out the bottom’. The compression therapy applied to the pubic area when wearing the V2 Supporter, helps to alleviate this feeling, and by wearing the V2 Supporter before rising in the morning, the amount of swelling in the vulvar veins can be reduced.

Please note that the V2 Supporter does not have an adjustable waistband, and does not provide support or compression to the hip/pelvic area. It only offers compression to the vulvar and pubic area. If you would like a product that offers an adjustable waistband and hip support, please see the Hip V2 or the Babybelly groin support belt.


  • It is doctor recommended
  • It can be adjusted to suit your particular compression needs providing maximum comfort and support
  • It is a safe and effective form of compression therapy
  • It is  soft, light, and is machine washable (hang on the line to dry)
  • This product can be worn by both pregnant and non-pregnant women

Suitable for:

  • Vulvar Varicosities – a fairly common pregnancy condition as explained above.
  • Lymphedema – a condition of localised fluid retention leading to swelling of the tissues
  • Perineal Oedema – swelling in the perineal area
  • Incontinence – an involuntary leakage of urine. Common amongst pregnant women due to weak pelvic floor muscles
  • External Prolapsed uterus or bladder – a serious condition, where weakened pelvic floor muscles mean the uterus slips into the vagina

V2 Supporter wearing instructions:

Ensuring that the applique on the V2 Supporter is at the front and center of the hip band, step into the V2 Supporter as you would regular underpants. If you need to increase or decrease the level of compression, loosen the tabs on the back two straps,  then anchor the tabs by placing them either higher up  (to give less compression) or lower down (to provide more compression) on the straps to achieve the level of compression that is right for your needs.

If the V2 Supporter does not look like it will meet your needs, you may wish to view our Babybelly groin support belt.

$0 exchanges

Due to a high number of exchanges with this product, we recommend using our $0 exchange size enquiry form. Please also use this service if you are borderline of sizes (within 1-2 cm’s)

If you are in your second or third trimester, do not be tempted to choose the larger size to ‘grow into’, as it will not offer the correct support.

To correctly size your V2 Supporter, imagine you are wearing one and measure around the waist band of the product.

This means you should be measuring underneath your abdomen right at the top your pubic bone, around the widest part of your hips, and across the small of your back. Once you have this measurement, please choose the corresponding size from the table below:

sizing image maternity support belt

V2 Supporter SizeHip Measurement
Petiteup to 71 cm's
Small71-91 cm's
Medium91-114 cm's
Large114-137 cm's

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