Upsie belly by Belly Bandit


Upsie Belly by Belly Bandit – Natural, Breathable, Bamboo! Provides a moderate level of lift and support to your growing baby belly.

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Product Description

pregnancy back pain moderate support

DueSoon recommendation:

We recommend this belt for women experiencing mild to moderate lower back pain. This belt offers moderate support to the lower back region, but does not have side pulls for gaining that little extra support you may like. It has a pocket for a warm/cold compress (compress included) and the bamboo outer fabric is antimicrobial and moisture wicking making it suitable for women in warmer climates if wearing this belt against the skin.

While we wouldn’t consider this maternity support belt to be as effective as a regular postpartum belly wrap, you can use it post birth to provide light support and warming/cooling relief to your post baby tummy. Simply spin it around so that the pocket (with the compress) is against your belly. Because it has a Bamboo outer (which is moisture wicking and anti-microbial), it is also great for post c-section comfort.

Upsie Belly overview:

Upsie Belly features SecureStretch materials. This fabric composition means that the Upsie Belly will more effectively mould to your  particular body shape with just the correct amount of tension. This also provides good support and a secure fit to your lower back. The  Upsie Belly also has a unique soft-front closure which allows you to move about freely, without the belt digging in or being uncomfortable.


  • It can help minimise pregnancy stretch marks – by relieving a drooping belly
  • Provides prenatal back and abdominal support – allowing you to maintain a more active lifestyle
  • Helps relieve pregnancy related bladder discomfort – since it takes some of the pressure of your growing uterus off your bladder
  • Helps to increase circulation and blood flow
  • Provides extra support to your hips – important for stabilising your hips with extra relaxin now in your body
  • Helps to reduce the risks of developing varicose veins, hernias, and haemorrhoids
  • Consists of 31cm’s of adjustability – so it can accommodate your growing belly
  • Can be helpful in post hysterectomy recovery (please first check with your doctor)
  • Features a back pocket and comes with a BONUS warm/cold pack, which if placed warm in the pouch of the Upsie Belly, can provide extra back pain relief.

Suitable for:

  • mild to moderate lower back pain
  • mild hip and pelvic pain
  • round ligament pain
  • post birth comfort or caesarean scar protection

Pain Target Points

Helps with pain in the lower back area and with round ligament pain (stretching pain at the sides of the belly)

pain points lower back and round ligament

Upsie Belly Care Instructions:

Hand wash in cold water, rinse thoroughly and lay flat to air dry. DO NOT bleach, twist, or wring.

When wearing this belt, take care not to let the velcro closure catch on the Bamboo fabric, as it can pull the threads.


In deciding which pregnancy support belt is best for your individual needs, you may find the following pages helpful:

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To Size your Upsie Belly, measure yourself all the way around your tummy, starting at your belly button. Match your measurement to the Upsie Belly sizes in the table below.

If you are only in the 2nd trimester of your pregnancy and right on the borderline of sizes, we would recommend you select the larger size.

Upsie Belly SizeBelly Measurement
Medium98-117 cm's
Large118-147 cm's
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