Solidea Wrist Compression Band


The Solidea silver support wrist compression band provides 34/46 mmHg of medical grade compression and helps alleviate carpal tunnel pain associated with pregnancy.

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We recommend this product for women who are suffering carpal tunnel syndrome during their pregnancy. This is a painful condition that occurs in the hand/s and wrist/s due to increased fluid and swelling placing pressure on the nerves. A compression band such as this will help boost circulation and move fluid, reducing the pressure placed on the nerves and the pain that comes with it.

The Solidea silver support wrist band provides medical grade compression of 34/46mmHg. This soft, elastic wristband will comfortably support the wrist, without blocking movement. This band is recommended for wear in cases of inflammation of the joint, slight traumas, tendinitis, arthritis, arthrodesis, carpal tunnel and for use during sports activities that place stress on the wrist.

Made from bacteriostatic silver ion yarn, this wrist band maintains the biological equilibrium of the skin and hinders the development and growth of bacteria.


Simply measure the circumference of your wrist and choose the corresponding size from the table below:


solidea silver support wrist band


If you have any questions regarding the Solidea compression wrist band, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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