Solidea Silverwave Slimming Arm Sleeves


The Solidea Silverwave Slimming sleeves offer 15/21 mmHg graduated compression from the wrist to the shoulders. They assist in boosting circulation and improving lymphatic drainage.

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Product Description

DueSoon Recommendation:

The Solidea Silver Wave Slimming Sleeves offer medical grade micromassage compression, starting from the wrist and graduating up the arms to the shoulders. This product helps improve venous reflux and lymphatic drainage, making it suitable for post-trauma swelling and most causes of lymphedema of the upper limbs.  We recommend this product for women with lipedema or pregnant women who have fluid retention (oedema) in their arms.

Solidea Silverwave Slimming Arm Sleeves Overview:

These micromassage stitch less sleeves extend up from the wrist and are designed to fight orange-peel appearance on the arms using an innovative dorsal support that holds them up and wraps around the shoulders for perfect wearability. Natural movements by the upper limbs stimulate microcirculation providing an effective anti-cellulite action. Suitable for wearing all day every day. The slimming sleeves can also be worn when exercising to increase their benefits. Decreasing graduated compression 15/21 mmHg from the wrist to the shoulder, helps improve venous reflux and lymphatic drainage. They are made using silver ion bacteriostatic yarns that ensure the natural biological balance of the skin and natural transpiration is maintained. This helps keep the skin healthy and protected against bad odors.


  • 15/21 mmHg graduated compression
  • Silver ion bacteriostatic yarns
  • Helps improve venous reflux and lymphatic drainage
  • Suitable for post-trauma and iatrogenic (mastectomy) lymphedema of the upper limbs


Solidea silverwave slimming arm sleeves sizing

Fabric composition: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane

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