Solidea Compression Knee Highs – 25-32mmHg


Unisex therapeutic knee-high hosiery that is soft, elegant, and has a massaging sole. Offering firm compression of 25/32 mmHg. Available in closed or open toe.

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strong support level

DueSoon recommendation:

We recommend the Solidea relax unisex knee high stockings for women suffering varicose veins or fluid retention in their lower legs and ankles. Suitable for both pregnant and non-pregnant women. The firm compression will help promote better blood flow up the legs. Especially beneficial for women who are on their feet for much of the day and suffer from sore or tired legs.

Solidea Relax Unisex overview:

The Solidea unisex therapeutic knee-high stockings offer a firm level of compression (25/32 mmHg) which is designed to help prevent the pooling of blood and fluid in the ankles and lower legs.

These stockings are made using high-tech and innovative yarns that maintain extraordinary elasticity with the passage of time. These features have revolutionized the concept of therapeutic stockings up to now on the market.


  • firm graduated compression (25/32 mmHg)
  • new generation yarns make them easy to wear, soft, and elegant.
  • massaging insole to assist with wellbeing and comfort
  • sanitised hygiene function for all day freshness
  • available in both closed or open toe styles

Suitable for:

  • venous diseases
  • varicose veins
  • fluid retention


When limbs are not too swollen just refer to the shoe size or calf length measurements in the table below.

The length must be measured from the base of the foot (a) to the highest point reached by the knee-length stocking (lD).

For swollen limbs you must refer to the circumference table. In this case, measure limb circumferences at the following points:

– Circumference of the ankle (cB), at the narrowest point. This is the point of maximum pressure;

– The circumference at the point just below the knee (cD);

Solidea Unisex knee high size table

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