Solidea Recovery Shorts


High waist post pregnancy recovery shorts by Solidea. Help regain your pre-pregnancy figure and muscle strength with moderate abdominal compression.


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Product Description

light support level

DueSoon Recommendation:

We recommend the Solidea high waist recovery shorts to women who would like to reduce their DRAM (Diastasis Recti), require light pelvic/hip support, need to reduce fluid, or who would simply like to lightly support their abdominal and back muscles post pregnancy. The Solidea shorts offer a 12mmHg of medical grade compression.

Solidea High Waist Recovery Shorts Overview:

The Solidea post-pregnancy recovery shorts are a high-waist short with a light to medium level of compression. This compression helps to enhance the figure with a slendering and modelling effect, while at the same time helping your abdominal muscles recover from pregnancy.

The Solidea recovery shorts perform a similar function to the well known SRC recovery shorts (providing support to your weakened and torn abdominal and back muscles post-pregnancy). The Solidea products have a medical grade compression of 12mmHg.

While the Solidea shorts offer a moderate level of support, they do not offer as great a level of support as regular belly wraps. This is so that they provide you with the correct amount of support to your muscles (without having them disengage entirely), allowing you to regain strength and tone in the abdominal and back area naturally (the way most physiotherapists recommend).


  • The shorts comfortably wrap around the back to provide support while maintaining correct and comfortable long term wearability.
  • Medical grade compression of 12mmHg means the shorts will not lose their shape after long term wear (as is the case with mainstream shape wear).
  • The special patented fabric with three-dimensional waves activates microcirculation and helps eliminate excess fluids, thermally regulates body temperature and provides, with the natural daily movements, an effective massage.
  • The special bacteriostatic silver ion yarn controls bacteria proliferation, prevents bad odours and allows natural transpiration of the skin.
  • These recovery shorts are designed with an Hygienic cotton gusset and flat seam to maintain comfort.
  • The wave design and the fact that these shorts extend down the thigh are also excellent for anyone who has been suffering from varicose veins or vulvar varicosities, since the compression helps boost blood flow while also eliminating excess fluid.
  • Unnoticeable under clothing, the Solidea recovery shorts will help you regain your pre-pregnancy shape and strength comfortably.
  • Recommended by physiotherapists
  • Made in Italy, this is a quality product that maintains it’s compression even after prolonged use.

Suitable for:

  • DRAM (Diastasis Recti)
  • Pelvic Girdle or Hip Pain
  • Fluid retention
  • Varicose veins
  • Post c-section support
  • Post pregnancy abdominal and back support


Depending on your level of cover, most Private Health Insurance companies will provide rebates for the Solidea range of products (please check with your provider first)

PLEASE NOTE: This product is NOT to be used during pregnancy.

Sizing your Solidea Recovery Shorts

Please use your current weight. If you are still early in your pregnancy and are borderline of sizes, please size up. If you are borderline of sizes and nearing the end of your pregnancy, please select the smaller size. If you would like help with sizing, please complete our Which size enquiry form’.

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Solidea High Waist Recovery Shorts


Offering a light to moderate level of medical grade compression to support weakened abdominal and back muscles, assisting in post pregnancy recovery. Please note: the 3 star support rating is when compared to a regular belly wrap. The lesser support of this product is part of it's unique design and function.

  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Visibility
  • Longevity
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