Solidea Panty Maman Pregnancy Shorts


The Solidea Panty Maman pregnancy shorts are designed to fit like a second skin, ensuring a pregnant mothers comfort, while providing cellulite control, boosting circulation, and reducing water retention.


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Product Description

Solidea Panty Maman Pregnancy Shorts. Tone, support, and shape your growing belly.

The Solidea Panty Maman pregnancy shorts are a patented elastic shaping girdle for expectant mothers. The ultimate wave knit structure micromassages, promotes blood circulation, reduces water retention and effectively helps to fight cellulite. The active micromassage provided by the fabric generates light furrows on the skin. This is a sign that the draining effect is efficient. These furrows disappear in a few hours, leaving the skin smooth and excess fluids free. The anatomical conformation gives gentle support to the lumbar region. The comfortable stretchable pouch with reinforced band embraces the growing belly. The soft waistband does not constrict the stomach, ensuring maximum comfort for both mother and baby.

Benefits of the Solidea Panty Maman Pregnancy Shorts:

  • The 3D wave knit helps to firm, tone, and energize your thigh and tummy area using Solidea’s patented body-sculpting fabric technology
  • Made with Solidea’s sanitized moisture wicking fabric technology, these shorts will help control perspiration and odour
  • The balanced uniform compression offered by the Panty Maman shorts helps support, refocus, and retrain your muscles, that are put under so much additional stress during the pregnancy journey.
  • Provides even 12 mmHg compression
  • Made in Italy

The Solidea Panty Maman Pregnancy Shorts are recommended for women who:

  • Want to help support their pelvic floor
  • Suffer from water retention
  • Would like to boost circulation and help energise their upper legs
  • Who require support for their lower back and abdominal area

Sizing your Panty Maman Pregnancy Shorts:

Please use your current weight and height to determine your correct size from the table below. If you are still unsure, please contact us for sizing help.

Solidea Panty Maman Pregnancy Shorts Sizing








Fabric Composition:

  • 80% Polyamide
  • 20% Elastane

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