Solidea Graduated Compression Leggings


Give your tired legs renewed energy with the Solidea graduated compression 70 denier leggings. Stylish, comfortable, and practical.


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Product Description

These Graduated Compression Leggings by Solidea combine comfort, style, and practicality

The Solidea graduated compression maternity leggings provide a stylish fit that will help keep you comfortable throughout the day. Offering a light level of graduated compression, these 70 denier leggings will help boost circulation to keep your legs healthy throughout your pregnancy. Also featuring the tummy band associated with all the Solidea maternity products, these leggings will help provide light support to lower back and pelvic pain.

Solidea Maternity Leggings Features:

  • 70 denier soft touch fabric
  • Offering graduated compression of 12/15 mmHg (light compression). This means that the compression is greatest at the ankle to help promote circulation up the leg, and the compression level gradually tapers off further up the leg.
  • These leggings are designed with a control-top that will expand with your growing belly throughout each trimester. The tummy band and panel is soft and stretchy reducing that ‘cutting in’ feeling.
  • Sanitized moisture wicking fabric technology to help control perspiration and odour.
  • Made in Italy so you can be assured of quality

Consider the Solidea maternity compression tights is you suffer from:

  • Spider or varicose veins
  • Tired or aching legs
  • Poor circulation or swelling in your ankles or legs

Sizing your Solidea Maternity Leggings:

When choosing a size for the Solidea Leggings, please use your pre-pregnancy weight and height and the circumferential leg measurements below.

If you are carrying twins or triplets or have/are likely to put on 20+kgs please contact us to assist you in selecting the correct size.


Solidea Maternity Leggings Sizing

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