Solidea Bodylipo Recovery Leggings


Solidea high waist, form-fitting leggings offering medical grade graduated compression, which aids the body’s healing post-surgery and post birth.

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Solidea Bodylipo Recovery Leggings – Postpartum and post surgery recovery garment

The Solidea Bodylipo are high waist, form-fitting leggings which aid the body’s healing post-surgery and post birth. The medical grade compression of these leggings mean they will maintain the same level of compression as you shrink.

Bodylipo features:

  • Moderate level of medical grade graduated compression 18/21mmHg
  • Patented micromassage three-dimensional wave knit fabric provides effective massage, reducing fluid retention, stimulating blood circulation, and facilitating absorption of swelling and bruises.
  • Silver ion bacteriostatic yarn prevents the formation of bad doors and maintains the natural balance of the skin
  • Hygienic open crotch
  • High waisted for maximum coverage
  • Wear at ankle or over heel

Who do we recommend this product for?

While the Solidea Bodylipo product is suitable for anyone wanting to support and aid their post baby body, we particularly recommend this product for women who are having a caesarean section, or who have suffered varicose veins or high fluid retention during their pregnancy. The design of this product will support and assist recovery post surgery, and the compression from the ankle will help energise legs and boost circulation while varicose veins subside in the weeks post birth.


Choose your size based on your current weight.

Solidea Panty Maman Pregnancy Shorts Sizing

Wearing the Bodylipo

This product offers a moderate level of support and due to this product starting from the ankle, it can be difficult to put on the first couple of times. The easiest and most comfortable way to put on the Bodylipo is to follow these directions:

1. Sit down

2. Gather one leg right up to the ankle opening and ease over your foot.

3. Carefully ease the legging up to your knee

4. Repeat with the other leg

5. Continue to gently ease each side up your legs

6. Once you have eased the leggings up to mid thigh, stand and continue to pull up to full height (bra line)

As with all our post pregnancy products, we always recommend first checking with your doctor or midwife before using our products post caesarean (in case you have any particular needs or complications etc).

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