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The Signature Cinch Belly Wrap helps you return to your pre-baby body and features a pocket for a warm/cold compress, for added relief and comfort.

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Unlike more rectangular style wraps, the Cinch is designed to shape to your body, providing a more customised fit. This benefit makes the Cinch particularly good for women who have a narrow waist and wider hips, or who require more customisation in a wrap. It is made of a light and breathable fabric, which is better in warmer climates. The zip up design of the Cinch removes the bulky velcro look under your clothes, and there is plenty of room for you to shrink and still fit into it. The Cinch wraps are suitable to wear after both vaginal or c-section births and provide a strong level of abdominal compression.

Signature Cinch Overview:

The Signature Cinch belly wrap is the wrap that does it all! It is a fully adjustable wrap that truly focuses on the stomach, hips and back. Doctors approve the Cinch for its functions and comfort. Celebrities favour it for its beauty and style. With just one wrap, the Cinch is there for you.

How does the Signature Cinch differ from the Couture?

  • The Signature Cinch has slightly stronger elastic to provide even more compression/support to your abdominal area.
  • The Signature style has a pocket in the front panel so that you can insert a cold/warm compress to soothe the aches and pains that follow birth.
  • The Signature Cinch is Cool Grey colour only, whereas, the Couture Cinch comes in Nude colour only.


  • Cinch Tension Control – Double Elastic Wings with elastic memory
  • 360 degree support – Applies compression to all abdominal muscles and supports your back
  • Luxurious feel – lightweight and comfortable to wear day or night. Flexible enough to move around in and firm enough to support, enhance and tone your targeted areas
  • Adjustable panels that shrink with you – dual front panels that expand and shrink with you. Slim down with just one wrap!
  • Built-in measurement guide – Inner measurement guide to let you see your results. This motivates and boosts self confidence
  • Hip-shaper – simply adjust your Cinch to your hip and lower abdominal area
  • Anion Technology for circulation – Moisture absorbent and breathable inner lining with Anion to promote better circulation,
  • Eco-Friendly Package, reusable product – we use recyclable and biodegradable materials in our packaging. The Cinch Tummy Wrap can be used over and over many times
  • The Signature Cinch Belly Wrap is available in COOL GREY only
  • The Signature Cinch has a pocket in the front panel in which you can place a cold/warm compress (available separately or as the Signature Cinch & Compress Pack)
  • Can be used post natural or c-section birth

Signature Cinch Tummy Wrap Wearing Instructions:

Please refer to the video instructions located in the ‘video tab’ above to see how to wear your Cinch Tummy Wrap.

cinch belly wrap instuctionsCinch Belly Wrap Instructions Part 2

Cinch Belly Wrap Helpful Hint…

When adjusting the velcro panels, try positioning them on an angle rather than vertically – as displayed in the below picture. This will make the top of the wrap narrower than the bottom, allowing for a more contoured fit to your particular body shape, and a reduced possibility of the wrap gaping. Adjust the degree of the angle according to what fits best for your individual situation.

Cinch Belly Wrap Hint


Please visit our Belly Wrap Review or Belly Wrap FAQ pages for more helpful information on selecting the best postpartum wrap for your particular needs.

Please Note: No belly wrap should be worn during pregnancy and we always recommend first checking with your medical practitioner before wearing any compression garment post birth – just to be sure all is ok!

Please carefully read the Instructions below, before selecting your Cinch Belly Wrap size.

Cinch Wrap SizeMeasurement
XS/M66-97 cm's
L/XL84-122 cm's

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