Shrinkx Belly


Shrinkx Belly helps you lose inches faster off your belly and waist, as well as providing excellent postpartum abdominal and back support.

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Product Description

DueSoon Recommendation:

A more budget friendly belly wrap that is still quite comfortable and offers an excellent level of support. Best for women of average to long torso length. With only 2 sizes available, one wrap will fit for your entire recovery period.

Shrinkx Belly Overview:

The Shrinkx Belly is designed with bonus side straps, which triple the abdominal compression and help create a customized fit. This belly wrap also features built in boning to help support the lower back and improve posture while breastfeeding. Shrinkx Belly helps make you look slimmer, adding confidence and helping mums feel better after baby. You can wear the band daily until you are back to your pre-pregnancy size or no longer require abdominal support.


  • Reduces postpartum swelling
  • Supports core abdominal muscles
  • Aids the return of the uterus to its original size sooner
  • Made of breathable, latex free mesh fabric
  • Suitable for wear post c-section (although we always advise checking with your medical practitioner first)

Care instructions:

Hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.

How to wear the Shrinkx Belly

DO NOT use during pregnancy. If you experience any pain, discontinue use and consult your physician.

To choose the correct size before delivery:

Measure belly circumference then subtract 7.5 – 13cm

To choose the correct size after delivery:

Use current belly measurement.

If you are borderline of sizing, we usually recommend that you choose the smaller size. If you would like sizing help, please complete the following form:


Shrinkx Belly SizeBelly Measurement
S/M63cm - 101cm
L/XL104cm - 132cm
Shrinkx Belly


Shrinkx Belly

  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Visibility
  • Longevity
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