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The Preggi Bellies DVD runs for  60 minutes and features their very own unique and successful pregnancy exercise program.

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Product Description

Preggi Bellies DVD – a prenatal exercise programme suitable for all fitness levels.

This 60 minute DVD has been produced by Preggi Bellies and features their very own unique and successful pregnancy exercise program. Preggi Bellies developed this DVD specifically for pregnant and post natal women. It is professionally designed for all fitness levels to keep you strong and fit during your pregnancy and beyond.

Benefits of the Preggi Bellies DVD Program

You will gain many benefits from choosing to exercise throughout your pregnancy.

  • Your weight will be better and more easily controlled.
  • You will experience less pelvic pain. 
  • You will have reduced backache
  • You will have improved sleep
  • You will develop a better ‘baby’ body image.
  • You will have Increased fitness levels and muscle tone
  • Your post labour healing and recovery will be quicker

Preggi Bellies Program – What is it?

The Preggi Bellies DVD has you performing the exercises while seated on a balance ball, rather than standing up (as you would in most traditional workouts). When you are pregnant, both gravity and the weight of your baby puts added strain on your pelvic floor muscles.  By working out on a balance ball you can conteract this pressure. This form of exercise is also a great way to strengthen your central core muscles which will help prevent or reduce prenatal backache. Preggi Bellies have worked closely with obstetricians, fitness experts and womens health specialists to develop this comfortable low impact workout so that you can increase your strength and improve your overall wellbeing. This program is suitable for women of all fitness levels and provides an all round cariovascular workout.

The Preggi Bellies company

Preggi Bellies was first established in 1998 by Laren Gabriel and Michelle Gray. They are physiotherapists and mothers of three, and together they have changed the face of pregnancy exercise. They designed this program and the Preggi Bellies DVD  to help expectant mums experience a greater level of strength and fitness throughout and beyond their pregnancy, as well as encouraging healthier life habits.

Preggi Bellies Testimonials

“It is really important to exercise during pregnancy. Preggi Bellies was great for me – it was fun, safe, helped me maintain fitness and mobility and required no sporting skill” (Dr Shelley Rowlands, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist)

“Preggi Bellies is a great way to improve cariovascular fitness and strength for both novice and experienced exercisers. It is ideal preparation for delivery and the post natal period” (Sarah Nosworthy, Women’s Health Physiotherapist)