Post-Natal FITsplint


The Post-natal FITsplint has been engineered to FIT you and will splint and support your weakened muscles and tissue post birth.

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The Post-Natal FITsplint by MomBod fitness

After pregnancy, the core muscles and tissue have been stretched and weakened usually resulting in some level of DRAM (abdominal separation). For optimal recovery, it is recommended to wear the FITsplint 4-6 weeks post birth and to perform progressive inner core exercises (5 included) to help regain core strength, stability and function.

FITsplint Benefits:

  • splints muscles and tissue effectively using a sideways action (pulls the two sides of the abdominal muscles together)
  • supports the abs, hips, back, and pelvis without restricting range of motion
  • fully adjustable for custom fit
  • protects from further stress or strain on your weakened abdominal muscles
  • provides gentle compression
  • provides proprioceptive feedback
  • includes 5 ReCORE exercises to help get you started on your road to recovery

FITsplint Features:

  • non-slip technology (helps prevent rolling and movement of the splint)
  • anti-rolling technology
  • breathable
  • flexible and custom FIT (adjusts to suit a range of body shapes)
  • slim FIT (unnoticeable under clothing)


FITsplint material composition:

Neoprene, Nylon, Silicone

Caution: This product contains neoprene which may cause an allergic reaction. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician.

FITsplint care instructions:

Wash on cold, gentle cycle. Hand dry or tumble dry low.

Measure the circumference around your belly button.

Ideally, use your pre or post-pregnancy size when choosing a belt from the table below.

If you are inbetween sizes, choose the larger size (as the FITsplint will still adjust fairly small)

If you are still unsure of sizing, please contact us.

Belly Circumference (when not pregnant)Jean Size
Smal63.5 - 77 cm4 - 8
Medium78 - 92 cm8 - 14
Large93 - 110 cm16 - 24

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