Peapods Bamboo Breast Pads


Peapods reusable bamboo breast pads are an economical, effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable nursing pads.

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Product Description

Peapods bamboo breast pads – environmentally friendly, economical, and effective reusable nursing pads

Peapods reusable bamboo breast pads have a super absorbant bamboo core and a breathable yet waterproof outer. Once used, simply wash them with your other laundry items, line or tumble dry and they are then ready to use again.

Peapods bamboo breast pads benefits:

  • Super absorbant (no embarrassing milk leaks through your shirt)
  • Breathable and waterproof outer
  • Discreetly fits into any size bra cup
  • Environmentally friendly (reduce waste by not having to buy disposable breast pads)
  • Comes with a mesh breast pads wash bag
  • Economical (no more needing to purchase boxes of disposable breast pads)
  • Easy to wash and dry

Peapods pack contents:

Each Peapods pack  contains 6 reusable breast pads (3 x pairs)

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