Neen Aquaflex Weighted Vaginal Cones


In just 12 weeks of proper use, the Neen Aquaflex Weighted Cones can help strengthen your weakened pelvic floor muscles. The Kegel exercises stimulated by these cones are very important to help reduce bladder incontinence and prolapse risks.


Product Description

Neen Aquaflex Cones are a simple and effective way to help improve your pelvic floor muscle strength. This is particularly important after having delivered a baby (and particularly subsequent babies), since the pregnancy and birthing process can lead to a weakening of the pelvic floor. Strengthening these muscles will help improve proper bladder control as well as helping to improve sexual satisfaction. A strong pelvic floor will also help reduce the risks of developing uterine or bladder prolapse.

The Aquaflex cones are a safe, simple, discreet, and natural solution to help recover lost pelvic tone. The cones are clinically proven, with 70% of stress incontinence cases being cured or improved through the regular and proper use of this type of weighted device.

To use the Aquaflex cones:

  1. Insert the cone in the same way that you would insert a tampon.
  2. Once inserted, the cone will isolate and cause the pelvic floor muscles to automatically contract around it, helping to hold it in place. This reflex action by the pelvic muscles is what helps strengthen them.
  3. As the strength of the pelvic floor muscles improves, extra weights can be added to the cone and the length of time it is in place can be increased (this time can be up to 20 minutes per day).
  4. When used for 20 minutes per day, improvements in pelvic floor strength can be expected in just 12 weeks.

How to insert the Neen Aquaflex Cones

Box Contents:

Two cones and one set of four different weights (5g, 10g, and 2 x 20g weights), all kept in a discreet and handy storage container.

Please note: Due to the hygienic nature of this product, it cannot be returned for exchange or refund.


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