LaVie Warming Lactation Massage Pads


The LaVie Warming Lactation Massage Pads combine heat & vibration to help improve milk flow, save time and improve your pumping experience.

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Improve Milk Flow and Save Time with LaVie

The LaVie Warming Lactation Massage Pads are designed to help you enjoy your Breastfeeding journey. Using these in conjunction with your hands free breast pump and bra will enhance your pumping experience and ease the pain commonly associated with continual expressing. Combining heat and vibration, these pads will also help to improve milk flow, ultimately saving you time. The Massage Pads will assist in:

  • Reducing clogged ducts
  • Emptying your breasts more effectively and efficiently
  • Improving milk flow and letdown
  • Providing constant gentle heat with dual heat modes

Made from Medical grade silicone and BPA free, they have been designed to accomodate any size and shape breast comfortably. It doesn’t matter if you are out and about, or having a day at home, you can use these Massage Pads anywhere, anytime, thanks to the built in rechargeable batteries.

Package contents include:

  • 2 x Warming massage pads
  • 1 x Y-split USB cable
  • 1 x travel bag
  • Manual and care card

Note: Pump strap hands free pumping bra not included



Warming Lactation Massage Pads Features

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