LaVie Lactation Massage Roller


With 5 different ways to use, the LaVie Lactation Massage Roller will give your hands a break while helping increase milk flow through better stimulation and compression of the breast.

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Product Description

A better way to stimulate Milk Flow

Breast massage is an important routine to help encourage improved milk flow, and to help empty the breast fully. It is not always practical to hand massage and this method can sometimes be uncomfortable or even painful. To combat this problem and to help you get the most out of your breastfeeding journey, LaVie have created this Lactation Massage Roller. This handy little tool will give your hands a break while still providing improved stimulation and compression to the breast area. Use before, during, or after your breastfeeding or pumping session.

Benefits of using the LaVie Massage Roller include:

  • More effective draining of the breast
  • Improvement of milk flow and letdown
  • Reducing the frequency and number of blocked ducts
  • Stimulation of the breast through 5 different massaging techniques

Made from medical grade silicone, and BPA free, the Massage Roller has been designed to adapt to your breastfeeding needs. Being water resistant, you can also use the massager while in the shower.

How to use the LaVie Lactation Massage Roller

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