Lalabu Dad Shirt


The Dad Shirt by Lalabu provides an easy and convenient way for a new dad to bond with his new baby.

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Product Description

The Dad Shirt by Lalabu is an all-in-one babywearing garment especially designed for dads. Dad can wear it on it’s own as a sporty V-neck t-shirt, or slip baby into the cozy front pouch to enjoy some special bonding time.

Dad Shirt Features:

  • Stylish slim fit design looks like a normal shirt
  • Easy to use front pouch supports and helps calm newborns
  • Adjustable head support for younger babies
  • Inner mesh panel provides breathability and encourages bonding with baby
  • Pouch extender grows with your baby
  • Made in the USA
  • Recommended infant weight minimum 7 pounds (3kg) , maximum weight 15 pounds (6.5kg)

How the Dad Shirt works:

The Dad shirt is designed to carry your newborn baby close, facing you, and in the optimal upright position for their growing body. Designed to carry your infant from 3-6.5kg, the shirt’s pouch will expand as your baby grows. When not bonding with your baby, the Dad Shirt can be worn as an ordinary t-shirt.

How to wear the Dad Shirt:

Put on your Dad shirt just like you would any other regular t-shirt. Once you are comfortably wearing the shirt, pick up your baby and place them in the front pocket. Your little one’s legs should be in a frog position underneath their bottom. If required, pull the pouch extender panel up around your baby’s shoulders for extra support.

Dad Shirt Sizing:

Use the chart below to select your correct size Dad shirt. Please note: The sizing chart uses measurements in inches.

Lalabu Dad Shirt Sizing

  • Expect it to fit like a tailored shirt
  • Don’t size up to get a bigger pouch
  • Baby’s head should be above your chest and high enough for you to kiss

Fabric Composition
Polyester // Rayon // Spandex blend.