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Before, you couldn’t lie on your tummy. With the Holo Lilo – now you can! The Holo is a lilo with a hole. An inflatable pregnancy relaxation bed allowing pregnant mums to sleep and relax on their tummy.

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Holo – the lilo with a hole, pregnancy relaxation

Created by a mother who craved the chance to lie on her front and relax while pregnant, you can use the holo on holiday or at home, on land or water, to lie on your tummy for relaxation, massage and sunbathing. Specially designed to support the pelvis and therefore avoid any strain to the back, the holo has had great feedback from professionals and mums-to-be alike. The Holo Lilo can be deflated and easily transported.

Use the Holo Lilo to:

  • Have a cat-nap
  • Watch TV
  • Relax in the pool
  • Tan your back
  • Have a massage
  • Relieve symptoms of SPD
  • Get baby into optimal position for birth (excellent for helping turn a posterior baby)

The Holo Lilo is 185cm x 65cm (max 22cm at hole)

Recommended by mums to be:

“I can definitely recommend its use indoors as well as on holiday. Not only did I take mine on holiday but I used my holo in the later stages of pregnancy for just relaxing and watching telly. I was convinced it was helping keep my baby in the correct position too. Much more comfortable and dignified than going on all fours as they recommend you do! And as another mum to be commented…A great way to get your partner to give you a massage…no excuses now.” Rachel Davies, Thames Ditton, London

Recommended by health professionals:

“We use the Holo Lilo with nearly every pregnant patient now. As health care professionals, finding a comfortable position to treat pregnant women in, can be difficult. The Holo solves that problem easily. We can more effectively assess back pain and pelvic pain when they are on their fronts. We love it and recommend other clinics give it a try.” Peter Mulvey, Director ProPhysiotherapy, MSc MMACP MCSP


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