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The hip brace by It’s You Babe (formerly Prenatal Cradle) provides adjustable compression to the pelvic and sacroiliac joint area, helping reduce the pain associated with pregnancy hip and pelvic instability.

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Product Description

This hip brace will provide support and compression to your hip and pelvic area.

By providing adjustable compression to the pelvic cradle area, and also the sacroiliac joints (also known as SI joints), the hip brace by It’s You Babe can help relieve the pain and symptoms often associated with:

  • Joint movement during pregnancy (primarily in the hip and pelvic region)
  • Hysterectomy recovery
  • General hip instability

The hip brace can also reduce the amount of swelling following:

  • Abdominoplasty
  • Tummy tuck
  • Pfannenstiel incision

If you have been recommended to purchase a sacroiliac belt (SI belt), hip stabilizer belt, Trochanter belt, or something to assist with post-surgical incision compression, then this Hip Brace by Prenatal Cradle is just what you are looking for.

Even though we are selling this product primarily for the use of women who are pregnant, this belt is designed to be worn by men or women of all ages for any of the above conditions.

Please select your correct size from the table in the above sizing tab.


Please measure around your hips and select the size that corresponds with your measurement from the table below.

Hip Brace SizeCurrent Hip Measurement
Petite61cm - 81cm
Small81cm - 102cm
Medium102cm - 122cm
Large122cm - 142cm
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