Designer Mamas Labour Gown Range


Designer Mamas Labour Gowns are a collection of chic and functional birthing gowns that allow you to say no to the drab standard issue hospital gown.

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Designer Mama
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Product Description

Designer Mamas Labour Gown – Couture range

Designer Mamas have combined fun fabrics, with clever features, to bring pregnant mothers (or any other woman who is booked in for a hospital stay) a stylish alternative to the traditional hospital gown. The features of the Designer Mamas gowns ensure that your midwife and doctor will have free access to administer pain killers, fetal dopplers, or any other form of monitoring or medical equipment, while you are able to maintain your dignity, remaining as fully covered as possible during all stages of your labour, and looking fantastic for those first post birth photos with your new little baby.

Designer Mamas features:

  • Each gown consists of snap locks that run right down the back of the labour gown, to ensure no unsightly butt exposure while walking the hospital halls
  • Both sleeves on the Designer Mama gowns unsnap so that you can easily breastfeed your baby and have important skin to skin contact
  • All of the Snap buttons down the back and on the sleeves ensure that medical staff can easily attach any necessary medical lines and administer anything else required during the labour process.
  • After enduring a tiring yet rewarding labour, you can rest easy in knowing that you will look stylish and bright for those first precious photos
  • This is an Australian designed product and is made of a 95% cotton/5% spandex blend
  • 3 x Generous sizes ensure you will be able to move freely while wearing your Designer Mamas gown
  • A lovely complimentary coloured tie comes with each labour gown to had that little extra touch of style
  • Can be used at home as a pregnancy or recovery nightie

Designer Mamas Sizing:

Labour Gown SizePre-pregnancy Size
Plus 1X18-22

Care instructions:

  • Machine washable – we do recommend washing before 1st use

The Designer Mamas labour gown can function purely as a hospital gown, so is also great for use post delivery during your stay on the ward. You don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy the functionality and chicness of these gowns, they are suitable for anyone staying at hospital, who would like to enjoy a standard hospital gown alternative.

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