Carriwell Seamless Maternity Support Band

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The Carriwell Seamless Maternity Support Band offers a seamless design which provides discreet and comfortable support to your back and tummy.

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Product Description

DueSoon Recommendation:

The Carriwell Seamless Maternity Support Band offers comfortable and seamless light support to your growing belly. This product is not likely to alleviate moderate to bad back pain, but can assist in creating a general feeling of wellbeing and providing light support to the back. The support level of the Belly Band will provide a greater level of support than commonly achieved with TubiGrip, but not as great a level of support and lift as will be achieved with a more structured maternity support belt. We would recommend this for women seeking a comfortable and discreet way to provide support for those niggling pregnancy back and round ligament ailments. We also consider this a great preventative maternity wardrobe accessory that can be worn even if you are not yet experiencing any pain.

Carriwell Seamless Maternity Support Band Overview:

Uniquely designed for discreet, warm and comfortable support of your back and tummy, the Carriwell Seamless Maternity Support Band provides light support and lift to your growing baby bump. This is achieved by gently lifting the weight of your growing baby off the pelvis, thereby supporting your lower back.

This band can be worn for both preventive or therapeutic applications, as the band will help reduce the risk of developing muscle strain or help to relieve discomfort or pain that you may already be experiencing.


  • No ‘roll-down’ effect due to the unique knitting process.
  • Discreet and seamless even under tight clothing
  • Fits comfortably over your baby bump without causing skin irritation
  • Beautifully soft and breathable fabric.
  • The product design provides extra stretch over your bump and gentle but firmer support underneath and around the sides of your bump.
  • Thicker fabric at the back of the band provides warmth and support of lower back.
  • The support provided by this band gently increases as your tummy grows.
  • Doubles as a regular belly band to help hold jeans, skirts and pants in place.

Suitable For:

  • Light support and lift of the growing belly
  • Light support to Round Ligament Pain (pain in the sides of the belly)
  • Women who regularly exercise or are active and need a little extra support for their day to day activities


Carriwell Seamless Maternity Support Band target areas


If you appear to be borderline of sizes, we would recommend sizing up.

Small (pant size 8-10)

Medium (pant size 10-12)

Large (pant size 14-16)

Extra Large (pant size 18-20)


Fabric composition:
92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane