C-panty High Waist Cesarean Underwear


The high waist compression C-panty provides moderate support and compression to your post baby tummy and helps protect and heal the post c-section scar.


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Product Description

C-Panty is the only c-section recovery panty with medical-grade silicone

DueSoon Recommendation:

We recommend the C-panty for any mums planning to have or who have recently had a c-section birth. The Silicone panel will aid in the scar recovery, while the gentle compression of the panty will help to gently support and compress your post baby abdominal muscles. This product is also suitable for hysterectomy patients or other surgeries that require an incision in a similar area to a c-section.

High Waist C-Panty Overview:

The high waist compression C-Panty provides moderate compression and incision care. Silicone is the #1 choice of doctors and the only recognized material to treat scars by the FDA. C-Panty can be used to control swelling and support the incision area as soon as you get clearance from your doctor and as soon as the surgical dressing comes off.

C-Panty works best when worn at least 12 hours and up to 23 hours per day. C-Panty can be used to aid in c-section scar management for up to a year after surgery. If you wish to purchase more then 1 C-Panty, then please see our high waist 2 pack.

Features of the high waist compression C-Panty:

  • A comfortable, non-binding fluted waist which avoids the discomfort experienced from elastic panty waistbands. The seamless panty doesn’t bind or pinch.
  • Provides moderate compression to support and flatten weakened tummy muscles, and shrink the uterus. This compression also helps to reduce swelling and flatten the c-section bulge.
  • Protects the c-section incision area
  • Contains a medical grade silicone panel which dramatically reduces the appearance of the scar, redness, and itching.
  • Seamless, full cut rear.
  • Can be worn after delivery to 12 months
  • Can be worn as a shaper garment after recovery


Care Instructions: 

C-Panty can be washed by hand or in the delicate cycle. It should not be machine dried. It is recommended to have more than one scar management garment as daily wear and washing will deteriorate the panty more quickly.


C-panty sizeWaistHips
S/M65cm - 83cm83cm - 103cm
L/XL85cm - 99cm104cm - 116cm
1X/2X100cm - 115cm117cm - 136cm

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