Breastvest Breastfeeding Top


Breastvest is a revolutionary piece of breastfeeding underwear which gives you the ability to make any top a breastfeeding top. You wear your regular nursing bra, and the Breastvest keeps your midsection covered.

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Product Description

Breastvest breastfeeding singlet – turn any top into a nursing top!

The Breastvest is ideal for any new mum and especially for anyone who is a little self conscious about their post baby belly. It is a singlet that sits just below your regular nursing bra, meaning that your midriff is totally covered up and kept warm. It does not inhibit the breastfeeding process in any way, so you are still able to breastfeed as normal. Award winning and highly publicised – the Breastvest is loved by mums all around the globe.

Breastvest features:

  • It is nice and long, so won’t ride up when you bend over
  • Because it sits below your bra, it cannot be seen if you are wearing a lower cut top
  • Soft and light fabric so you don’t feel as though you are wearing a winter singlet and it does not cut in or feel uncomfortable
  • Soft and stretchy so that it will fit over your baby bump if worn during pregnancy, and will comfortably fit your changing postnatal tummy shape
  • Allows normal, unrestricted access to your your regular nursing bra
  • Available in Black and White and in 4 sizes
  • Designed, created, and approved by breastfeeding mums like you!

Breastvest handy hint:

If you are narrow shouldered and find that the straps tend to slip down off your shoulders, try positioning them under your bra strap so that they stay in place.

Breastvest care instructions:

The Breastvest is made from 95% viscose and 5% elastane and is machine washable.

Due to the unique design of the Breastvest, this singlet will comfortably stretch over your belly during the third trimester of your pregnancy, and will then be suitable for your changing body during the feeding period. You will also find that it will return back to shape after each wash. Because of this, we recommend you pick a Breastvest size based on your pre-pregnancy size.

Breastvest SizePre-pregnancy Size
Extra Small8-10
Extra Large16-18