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Breast Warmers help to provide warming relief to alleviate common breast discomforts associated with breastfeeding.

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Product Description

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An effective alternative to microwavable gel pads. The Breast Warmers can be worn immediately and work by reflecting your own body heat. They do not need re-heating, so can be worn for long periods of time or while out and about. Worn inside your bra and against the skin, they will help alleviate common pain and discomforts that can accompany breastfeeding.

Breast Warmers Overview:

Breast warmers assist in relieving the pain and discomfort often associated with mastitis, blocked ducts, breast engorgement, letdown issues, nipple vasospasm, and expressing. They remain warm for the duration that they are worn, and require no heating up, so no boiling or microwaving! A great pain relief option when on the go.

Filled with super effective Flectalon, a material that is able to reflect your own body warmth, these warmers  can be used against the skin for 20-30 minutes prior to a feed (to assist with letdown and blocked ducts), or worn all day and/or night to assist in the relief of other common breast feeding related conditions.

If you have recently had any form of breast surgery, you may also find the Breast Warmers an effective way of administering warming relief. Talk to your doctor, to see if they would be suitable for you in this type of situation.

Each pack contains 1 x pair of breast warmers

Made in Sweden and TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) registered

Using Breast Warmers:

Select the breast warmer size that corresponds with your current bra cup size – either Small (A-B cup) or Regular (C cup and over)

Sizing Tip! This is a large sizing product. If you were less than a C cup pre-pregnancy or are more of a B/C during pregnancy, then choose the smaller size.

Use whenever your breasts feel hard, tender, sore, lumpy, or just uncomfortable. All you need to do is place the breast warmers into your regular breastfeeding bra or crop top, making sure the Flectalon is turned towards your skin.

Care instructions for Breast Warmers:

The Breast Warmers have been allergy tested. They continue to work even when wet, and contain no liquid or gels to be heated up. Keep your Breast Warmers for personal use only, it is not recommended that you share them. If you want to wash them, simply do so by hand using cold or warm water. Allow to drip dry only – DO NOT tumble dry.