Body After Baby Angelica Recovery Garment


The Angelica recovery garment by Body after baby provides comfortable, breathable support and compression to strained postpartum abdominal muscles, while also providing light support to the hip and pelvic region.

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The Angelica Body after baby garment – providing postpartum support

pregnancy back pain moderate support

DueSoon Recommendation:

We recommend the Body After Baby recovery garment to women who would like to reduce their DRAM (Diastasis Recti), require light pelvic/hip support, need to reduce fluid, or who would simply like to support their abdominal and back muscles post pregnancy. The Body after Baby garments offer a moderate level of compression in a comfortable, breathable, and discreet alternative to a more rigid belly wrap.

Body after baby Angelica recovery garment overview:

The Angelica postpartum recovery garment by ‘Body after baby’ is designed to be worn in the first 6 weeks after a natural/vaginal delivery. This garment will help support the muscles, ligaments, and tissue that have been subjected to the strains of pregnancy and labor. Since this is a high waist product, it covers the entire abdominal area.

What we love about this garment:

The fabric feels great! It’s lightweight, breathable and soft and seamless against the skin. The length of the garment legs is great. The leg section does not provide any compression, but makes the garment comfortable to wear, without being unsuitable for wearing under skirts or shorts. Having the option to attach or detach the shoulder straps is also very helpful. This is by far one of the most breathable feeling compression garments we have tried so far.


Angelica recovery garment information

Angelica recovery garment features:

  • Stabilises loose and weak abdominal muscles with a seamless primary compression panel running up the middle of the garment
  • Provides support and stability to the hip and pelvic region
  • Provides lower back support for improved posture
  • Comfortable to wear while breastfeeding
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and breathable MicroNet fabric
  • Cotton lined crotch panel for comfort and hygiene
  • Adjustable and detachable shoulder straps
  • 1 inch cotton lined under bust support band
  • padded and reinforced back centre seam
  • Continuous front to back support panel
  • Seamless and undetectable under clothing

Suitable for:

  • DRAM (Diastasis Recti)
  • Mild Pelvic Girdle or Hip Pain
  • Fluid retention
  • Post pregnancy abdominal and back support
  • For post c-section support, we recommend the Body after baby Sienna recovery garment

The Angelica postpartum recovery garment is designed to be worn within the first 1 -4 weeks post delivery. The Body after baby garments are designed to fit comfortably snug.

If purchasing your garment post delivery, measure the smallest part of your waist (typically above your belly button)

If purchasing while pregnant – choose a size based on your pre-pregnancy pant size. If you have gained more than 15kg during your pregnancy, please choose the next size up to ensure a proper fit.

If your measurements go over 2 sizes, choose the size which corresponds with your hip measurement.

Garment SizeWaist (narrowest point)Hips (widest point)Pre-pregnancy pant size
163 - 66 cm's89 - 91 cm's
268 - 73 cm's94 - 99 cm's6 - 8
376 - 81 cm's101 - 107 cm's10 - 12
483 - 89 cm's109 - 114 cm's14 - 16
591 - 99 cm's117 - 124 cm's18 - 20
6101 - 109 cm's127 - 135 cm's20 - 22
Body after baby recovery garments


Offering a moderate level of compression to support weakened abdominal and back muscles, assisting in post pregnancy recovery. Breathable, comfortable, and seamless. The Sienna garment is particularly tailored to post c-section recovery, while the Angelica is for vaginal deliveries. Please note: the 3.5 star support rating is when compared to a regular belly wrap. The lesser support of this product is part of it's unique design and function.

  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Visibility
  • Longevity

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