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The Best Cradle by It’s You Babe (formerly Prenatal Cradle) helps support a pregnant belly, easing painful abdominal and back straining

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Product Description

light support level

DueSoon Recommendation:

We recommend this product for women who would like a light/gentle lift to their belly, without needing a more structured belt or one piece tank style top. This product does not tend to assist with moderate to bad back pain and is more useful in providing an overall sense of wellbeing while performing your day to day tasks. It is discreet under clothing and allows for good freedom of movement.

Best Cradle Overview:

The Best Cradle has been designed as if a woman were clasping her hands and using them to support under her belly. It is a non-restrictive and very discreet belt that helps support some of the weight of pregnancy. The Best Cradle is an adjustable support. It comes in three sizes and can be adjusted both on the lower abdominal support band, and over the shoulders in the back.

The shoulder bands on the Best Cradle are non-weight bearing, so they will not place pressure on your shoulders, and some people find this product so comfortable that they may even choose to sleep in it.

Wearing the Best Cradle is as simple as putting on a T-shirt. To see how easy it is to wear, please watch the instructional video under the above video tab.


  • Completely adjustable orthotic support
  • Discreet
  • Easy to put on
  • Hook and eye closures meaning no velcro to snag on clothes

What’s the difference between the Prenatal Cradle and the Best Cradle?

These are both essentially the same product, with the same design and support level. However, the Prenatal Cradle comes in 9 sizes and is not adjustable, whereas the Best Cradle was designed with adjustability, meaning there are only three sizes.

Suitable for:

  • Women seeking a light lift of their belly
  • Women wanting to feel a little bit more held together while going about their daily activities

Pain Target Points:

The Best Cradle helps alleviate mild lower back pain and mild round ligament discomfort (stretching at the sides of the belly).


pain points lower back and round ligament

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Best Cradle SizePre-pregnancy pant sizeCurrent weight
Small6 - 1440kg - 74.5kg
Medium12 - 2068kg - 99.5kg
Large18 - 2481.5kg - 113kg

About the Best Cradle

How to wear the Best Cradle

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