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The Belly Bra is a high quality, attractive support tank that provides a light level of support to the shoulders, bust, back, and growing belly.

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Product Description

light support level

DueSoon Recommendation:

The Belly Bra offers light support to your growing belly and can also assist with overall posture. This product is not likely to alleviate moderate to bad back pain, but can assist in creating a general feeling of wellbeing and light support. This is not a particularly long belt, so is best suited for women of shorter to average height. Taller women may find that the bottom band may roll up and cause discomfort. The support level of the Belly Bra could be likened to the light compression offered by TubiGrip.

Belly Bra Overview:

The Belly Bra was designed by Linda Turner. She came up with the design of this product with the active mum in mind. The Belly Bra is your best companion for comfort during your everyday activities or exercise. Now you can enjoy wearing a support garment that is made by a mum who like you, understands the pains and discomforts that are associated with pregnancy.

The Belly Bra is a high quality, attractive support garment that provides gentle maternity support to the bust, back, and growing belly. It helps a pregnant mother feel more comfortable when she goes to work, does jobs around home, or as she exercises.

The key to the Belly Bra is the one way stretch back panel which pulls the shoulders back, therefore helping to lift some of the weight up off the pelvis. It feels great on and you can tell it is well made. It can be washed over and over without affecting the support it offers.


  • you can wear your own regular bra underneath the Belly Bra
  • the Belly Bra is very versatile and be worn like a camisole under a jacket or top, or by itself as a sports top
  • the Belly Bra is non-constrictive (improving comfort for the wearer)
  • it is strong, soft, and stretchable (to accommodate your growing belly)
  • durable, and will last through many washes
  • no snaps, hooks, or velcro (for a seamless look under clothing, and no risk of snagging)
  • recommended by doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and chiropractors
  • proven to relieve mild pregnancy associated back pain after a clinical trial at the Royal Women’s Hospital
  • made from easy care nylon/spandex
  • cooling X shaped back makes the Belly Bra like a one piece swimsuit – a stretchy garment that can be worn either as outer or underwear

Suitable for:

  • Light support and lift of the growing belly
  • Posture improvement
  • Women who regularly exercise and need a little extra support while doing so
  • As a support tank undergarment

Pain Target Points:

Good for improving posture and therefore helping to relieve shoulder pain. Helps alleviate mild back pain and provides a comfortable light level of compression and support to the torso and belly area.


Belly Bra care instructions:

Hand wash and then lay flat to dry in the shade

Please note: If you experience any discomfort while wearing the Belly Bra, discontinue use.


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Your Belly Bra support tank should be snug and fit comfortably, but NOT be constrictive (tight or binding). It is recommended to choose the Belly Bra size that corresponds with your current third trimester bra size.

Consider purchasing the next size up if:

  • You have put on a lot of extra weight throughout your pregnancy (particularly in your bra size)
  • You believe your hip measurement is large in proportion to your bra size
Belly Bra SizePregnancy Bra Size or Pre-Pregnancy Shirt Size
Extra Large18-20
2Extra Large20-22