Belly Bands Natural Scar Brush


Dry skin brushing can assist with the healing of post operative scars. The Belly Bands Natural Scar Brush is just the right size, shape, and bristle firmness to aid in your c-section wound recovery.

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Product Description

The Natural Scar massage brush by Belly Bands combines the perfect size, shape, and bristle firmness to help promote scar healing from dry skin brushing. It can be used during pregnancy to help increase energy levels through improving blood circulation. It can also help reduce the prominence of stretch marks as your baby bump grows. Post surgery, the scar brush can be used on dry skin to help diminish the appearance of scars and assist with their healing. This dry skin brushing can also help reduce the chance of infection, remove dead skin cells, boost circulation, and eliminate ingrown hairs around the wound area while healing.

Caution: Always wait until the incision/wound has properly healed with no weeping or scabs before using the scar brush or applying cream or oils.

All Belly Bands products and information provided are to be used in conjunction with Doctors Care and does not substitute for Medical advice.

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