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The Bebe au lait is a stylish nursing cover for mothers who prefer privacy while breastfeeding out and about or in front of others.

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Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover – Breastfeed your baby privately & in style

Bebe au Lait is a range of award winning nursing covers designed for Chic mothers. Bebe au Lait nursing covers are patented and sought after by mothers around the world. These best selling nursing covers help to protect a mums modesty and privacy while she is feeding her baby in public.

Bebe au Lait key features:

  • They are generously sized for maximum coverage
  • Have a patented Rigiflex rigid neckline for eye to eye contact between mother and baby
  • This rigid neckline also provides good airflow under the nursing cover for your baby
  • Terry cloth pockets which can be used for storing a dummy, breast pads, or used as a clean up cloth after baby’s feed
  • Made of lovely soft and breathable 100% cotton
  • Come in an extensive range of beautiful designer prints so any mum can find a pattern that suits her particular tastes.
  • Easily adjustable neck strap to accommodate each mum’s comfort and size requirements
  • Can be used as a sun shade or light blanket over a front carrier or pram
  • Machine washable and durable
  • A compact and light cover that can roll up and be easily taken wherever you go


Bebe au Lait nursing cover wearing instructions:

  1. Thread the neck strap through the two D rings, and then thread the end back through 1 D ring only.
  2. Place the cover over your head. The neck strap should be resting comfortably around your neck and the fabric should be lightly draping over baby.
  3. Make sure the center of the neck strap is positioned so that you can easily see baby while he/she is breastfeeding. You may need to adjust the length of the neck strap in order to find the fit that is perfect for you (once you have found this perfect length, there should be no need for re-adjustment in the future).

Care instructions:

Machine wash with like colours on gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low heat or lay flat to dry and then iron with low heat if necessary.

Due to the rigid material used in the nursing covers neckline, it may occasionally get bent out of shape after being washed. This can be easily fixed by gently ironing and massaging the neckline back into shape.

Because these nursing covers are made from 100% cotton, some shrinkage may occur when washed.


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