Baby Belly Shoulder Bands


Baby Belly Should Bands offer additional maternity back support when Velcro to the Baby Belly Abdominal Band. This is a One Size Fits Most product.

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Product Description

Baby Belly Shoulder bands provide even more relief to pregnancy back and abdominal discomfort.

These bands Velcro attach to the Babybelly Abdominal band (sold separately) and are adjustable to ones own comfort. The shoulder bands provide an additional lift to the abdomen, increasing support to the back and abdominal areas while also relieving even more pressure from the groin area.  The bands can be worn a variety of ways depending on the wearers required support, comfort, or style. One size fits most.

Highly recommended for:

  • twin or multiple pregnancies
  • increased back or abdominal support
  • for use during exercise
  • diastis recti
  • lordosis
  • sciatica

DON’T FORGET to purchase the Baby Belly Abdominal Band which these shoulder bands velcro on to!

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