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The Neen Aquaflex Cones are a pelvic floor exercise system. These vaginal weights are simple & convenient to use & clinically proven to give results in 12 weeks when used for 20 minutes a day.

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Aquaflex Cones Overview:

The Neen Aquaflex cones are a pelvic floor exercise system. These weighted vaginal cones are used to strengthen your pelvic floor. They have been clinically proven and are simple and effective to use. Childbearing often brings with it weakened pelvic floor muscles. In most cases this is observed through bladder leaks while sneezing, jumping, or undertaking general daily tasks. If kegel exercises are not routinely done to restore pelvic floor health, then leaking can worsen. This sometimes then leads to a partial or full prolapse. Using the Aquaflex cones will help you better identify your pelvic floor muscles and then work to strengthen them post baby.

Please note:

These are not to be used during pregnancy or immediately after the birth of your baby. It is recommended to wait at least 3 months post baby before using any form of pelvic toning product. Better still, consult with your doctor to ensure you are ready to begin this from of pelvic floor exercise.

Also not to be used if you have a prolapse.


  • Simple to use – each Aquaflex comes with full instructions
  • Convenient – it only takes 20 minutes per day
  • Effective – if used daily, you can expect results in just 12 weeks

Suitable for:

  • restoring poor bladder control
  • improving overall pelvic health
  • improving sexual response and satisfaction

The Aquaflex system contains:

  • 1 starter cone (larger one) and 1 smaller cone
  • 1 x 5g, 1 x 10g and 2 x 20g weights
  • storage case
  • Multilingual instruction manual