Encouraging your children to read

Try to encourage reading as a habit for your children

I’m sure you will agree that it is extremely important in a childs development to learn to read.  Symbols, words and numbers assist us in all areas of our lives to make sense of the world and communicate.  It seems a simple activity to us but there are many steps in the process, some that parents can influence in a positive way, even when children are very young. An important step is for children to see reading modelled in the home and literature used and valued in your everyday life. It is also very important to read to your children regularly and to share your interest in reading with them. Contrary to what you may have previously been told, you don’t need to be reading classics (although it is a very good thing to do); you can be modelling reading behaviour through simple things such as turning the page, discussing important points and laughing whilst reading the newspaper, the back of the cereal box or the junk mail! Whilst sifting through the numerous digital videos that we have accrued over the past ten years, Steve found this gorgeous video of Zoe practising her reading skills. Zoe is now an accomplished reader who devours books and is still just as gorgeous. Let me know your stories about reading with your children.  In the next few weeks I will post about some amazing picture books to read with your children.

Happy reading, Meagan

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