Are you wanting to support your prolapse while waiting for or instead of surgery?

We have established a range of support Products to help you support and manage the discomfort of pelvic organ prolapse. You DO NOT need to be pregnant to use these products.

The  below products are adjustable, offer excellent support, and are discreet under clothing. If you have any questions regarding these prolapse support products, or if you would like sizing advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Pelvic organ prolapse occurs when the pelvic floor muscles, and the ligaments and tissues which hold the organs to the bony walls of the pelvis become weakened, stretched, and/or torn. Your pelvic floor muscles are responsible for holding your uterus, bladder, and bowel in their proper place within the pelvic area. Once these muscles become weakened, these organs have the potential to slip into (and sometimes out of) the vagina. One of the main contributors to prolapse is childbirth. However, obesity, sever coughing, straining when going to the toilet, and menopause can also lead to pelvic organ prolapse.

This is why your midwife will continually reinforce the need for you to perform your kegel (pelvic floor) exercises throughout and after your pregnancy. Incontinence and prolapse are becoming an increasing problem for women, and once it occurs, it often requires regular physiotherapy, pelvic floor strengthening exercises, and sometimes surgery in order to rectify the problem.

Living with a prolapse is uncomfortable and can also create constant lower back pain, an increase in vaginal discharge, and pain during sexual intercourse. It creates a heaviness and sometimes bulging feeling in the pelvic and vaginal area.

While prevention is always better than cure, for those already suffering the pain and/or discomfort of a prolapse, there are some prolapse support products that can help relieve the symptoms. Whether you need to wear these long term, as you increase your pelvic floor strength, or just until it’s time for surgery, you will feel more comfortable and supported along your journey. For many of our customers, using one of these products has been the difference between feeling unable to enjoy life, to being able to get out and about again. The main purpose of these products is to provide support to the groin area, helping to reduce the feeling of ‘everything falling out’ and the general heaviness associated with prolapse. While we are a maternity website, these products are suitable for use before, during, and after pregnancy, and therefore popular amongst older women who have developed a prolapse later in life.

If you do not yet have a prolapse, but are suffering from weak pelvic floor tone or incontinence, the following products are useful in helping to regain your pelvic floor strength.

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