Would you create a pregnant belly cast?

Pregnant belly cast kit by Belly Art

Pregnant belly cast? It certainly wasn’t something I was ever terribly keen to do. Maybe I had just had enough of looking at my huge belly, and the thought of looking at it for years to come really just didn’t do it for me. Not to mention, I had no idea where I would keep it. However, all that aside, the popularity of creating a pregnant belly cast is well on the rise. This is probably largely due to the availability of many DIY kits that can now be purchased.


Belly casting has been around for years, but it is only recently that mothers have been able to purchase a DIY kit that allows them to Belly Art belly cast kitcreate their own pregnant belly cast within the comfort of their own home. Not only this, but the kits are very reasonably priced, making this a relatively inexpensive activity for parents to be to undertake.

We currently stock the Belly Art belly casting kit, and this comes with everything you need to create a full pregnant belly cast. You will most likely want to enlist the help of someone else (mainly to help apply the plaster strips), however, other than that, it is just a case of laying out a piece of plastic, sitting down (which every pregnant mother likes to do!), and starting to layer on the plaster strips.

The Belly Art belly casting kit comes with easy to follow instructions, and once your cast is dry and has been coated with the primer, you then have the freedom to paint your pregnant belly cast, or simply hang it plain. There are many creative ways to decorate your cast, and a quick browse of the web will highlight some great ideas. To get maximum effect from your belly casting efforts, it is recommended that you complete your cast sometime during your third trimester.


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