Preggi Bellies pregnancy workout

Preggi Bellies gives every woman easy access to quality fitness training throughout her pregnancy journey with their ever popular DVD. Preggi Bellies was established in 1998 by physiotherapists and mothers of three, Lauren Gabriel and Michelle Gray.Preggi Bellies DVD

Maintaining some form of exercise during pregnancy is important. Not only does it help you progress throughout your pregnancy more comfortably, but adequate exercise will also help prepare your body for the labour process. Women who have continued to exercise throughout their pregnancy will also often find their postnatal recovery to be easier and faster.

Preggi bellies is a unique maternity workout programme that has changed the way in which mothers look at pregnancy fitness. Now, mums of any age, fitness level, and stage of pregnancy can begin improving their overall strength, fitness, and general well being, beginning a new healthy life habit.

The Preggi Bellies DVD runs for approximately 60 minutes. It is a cardio programme that utilises a balance ball and in some cases, weights. The purpose of the balance ball is to minimise the stress placed on the body during the workout, while also assisting in the building of core muscle strength.

With the release of the best selling Preggie Bellies DVD, pregnant mothers around Australia, and the world, can now partake in this quality  workout from the comfort of their own homes.

The Preggi Bellies DVD has been professionally filmed on location. It is easy to follow and led by professional instructors. Depending on your particular fitness level, instructions are clearly given, allowing you to tailor the workout so that is is most suitable for your particular needs.

If you are not so keen on a cardio workout like Preggi Bellies, then you may want to try another form of exercise such as pregnancy pilates, swimming, walking, or light running. In all instances, make sure you first check with your health care professional to ensure you are given the all clear to perform your desired form of exercise. You may also want to consider using a maternity support belt, just to help give your bump that little extra support, and to reduce the strain being placed on your lower back.

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