Pregalates pregnancy Pilates review

Pregalates pregnancy pilates – Duesoon review

When we first decided to create a pregnancy fitness range, we came across the Pregalates DVD’s, and decided immediately that this was a product that would provide a lot of benefit to our customers. This 4 DVD set is presented by qualified Pilates instructor Tasha Lawton, and she has specifically tailored each Pregalates workout to the various stages of pregnancy. The set consists of Pregnancy Pilates exercises for 1st Trimester (DVD 1), 2nd Trimester (DVD 2), 3rd Trimester (DVD 3), and Postnatal (DVD 4).

Pregalates – Why we tried and love it!Pregalates 4 DVD Set

  • Tasha is pregnant in each DVD. Because she is at the same stage as you in each DVD, she knows what you are going through as well as what you are feeling
  • You do not have to have any Pilates experience to follow along and benefit from these DVD’s. Tasha presents the exercises in an easy to understand way, and they can be done by anyone of any fitness level. I personally had never done Pilates, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning this form of exercise through the Pregalates DVD’s.
  • They are great value (especially if purchased as the Pregalates 4 DVD set)
  • You can still use these 4 DVD’s long after you have had your baby. Just because the exercises are tailored to pregnancy, doesn’t mean they won’t still be effective and challenging even when you are not pregnant
  • Tasha has a great sense of humor. She is natural and easy to listen too and learn from
  • The exercises work! From personal experience, you only need to complete a couple of sessions and you will notice a difference in your flexibility and core strength

Pregnancy Pilates are a low impact form of exercise that will help you maintain and strengthen your essential muscles (your pelvic floor and core) throughout your pregnancy. This should result in a more comfortable pregnancy journey, a better labour, and a quicker recovery post birth. As with all forms of exercise while pregnant, make sure you first get approval from your health care provider.

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