Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap – 5 things to consider before choosing a belly wrap brand

post pregnancy belly wraps & Belly Bandit



There are several important things you should consider before deciding which post pregnancy belly wrap you should purchase. These include:

1. Comfort of the post pregnancy belly wrap

You need to wear a belly wrap as much as possible for 6-10 weeks post birth, so it is important that you feel comfortable in it. The fabric composition and design can have a significant influence on how comfortable a belly wrap is, and you also need to consider your own body shape and the climate you live in.

2. Visibility of the post pregnancy belly wrap

Some of the belly wraps are more obvious under clothing than others. If you are not going out and about a lot, this is not such an issue. However, if you are planning on wearing the post pregnancy belly wrap whenever you go out, and particularly if you wear sheer or tight fitting fabrics, then you will want to seriously consider how obvious the wrap will be under your clothes. The Bodybelt is one of the most discreet wraps in our range.

3. Adjustability of the post pregnancy belly wrap

The idea of a post prengnacy belly wrap is to compress your tummy muscles. Obviously this means that the wrap needs to shrink with you (so that you always have enough compression to keep getting smaller). Some Belly wrap brands, such as the Belly Bandit, have several size options. With such a vast aray of sizes, it can often mean that the wrap will become too big for you within a matter of weeks, and you will need to purchase a second size (this is a cost consideration). If you can purchase a wrap that has a large range of adjustability on it, such as the Cinch, then there is much less chance of you needing to buy 2 different sizes.

4. Width (from bust to hips) of the post pregnancy belly wrap

Most of the belly wraps are different widths (from under the bust to the top of the hips). It is worth measuring your torso length, and then comparing it to the widths of the belly wraps listed on our post pregnancy belly wrap review page, because some wraps may be very uncomfortable if you have a short torso. The BFF Belly Bandit is great for people with short torsos as it is the narrowest of all the wraps.

5. Price and budget

This is probably the most obvious thing to consider when purchasing a post pregnancy belly wrap. The different brands are for sale at many different prices. At the end of the day, all of the belly wraps will achieve very similar results. However, overall, the more expensive ones are generally more comfortable.



For more detailed information on great post pregnancy belly wrap brands, like the Belly Bandit, Cinch tummy wrap, BFF Belly Bandit, Vespa and the Ladybird, and Bodybelt, please visit our Belly Wrap Review page.

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