Find the best Nursing Cover for your needs with our Nursing Cover Review Page!

This page is designed to help you determine which nursing cover is most suited to your needs. We have tried to cover the main things that affect your decision in choosing a cover, such as coverage, how compact it will be in your nappy bag, as well as the various features that each brand boasts. If however you have any futher questions regarding the Nursing covers, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mamascarf Nursing Cover

MamascarfCoverageCompactnessCarry BagWeight & Folded Dimensions
approx 14cm x 22cm x 1.5cm

The Mamascarf is a very simple design. It is triangular piece of fabric which provides some support to you as you feed, while providing coverage where it’s needed most. The Mamascarf is quick and easy to get on, and once you have tied it to the correct length, it can stay tied like that, until baby grows bigger (at which time you would retie it to suit). It may take a couple of goes to get used to putting baby in and getting a feel for it, however, this tends to be the case with most of the nursing cover styles. It is made of cotton fabric, so is not too hot or heavy for baby or mum and is light and compact to have with you anytime. Because of the design of the Mamascarf, some of the weight of baby is taken off your back and shoulders while feeding. This little extra support is quite nice. However, this product does not replace a sling and is not to be used to carry your baby. At 9 months old, my baby’s legs did hang out the end – however this happened with most of the covers. She did like to put her hand up through the gap (where mum looks down to see baby feeding), however, this did not lead to any indecent exposure! As mentioned previously, the Mamascarf does cover the essential bits, but will leave your sides and back exposed. The pocket in the Mamascarf is also very handy for storing breastpads or baby’s dummy.

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The Breastfeeding Blanket

Breastfeeding Blanket CoverageCompactnessCarry BagWeight & Folded Dimensions
The Breastfeeding Blanket

NoCotton: 140g
Cotton: 19cm x 14.5cm x 6cm

Waffle: 305g
Waffle: 17cm x 16.5cm x 5cm

Pink Knit: 313g
Pink Knit: 19cm x 25cm x 6.5cm

All 3 Breastfeeding Blankets listed on our site are exactly the same in style and features. The only difference is the fabric they are made from. What I love about the Breastfeeding Blanket is that it is FULL coverage. There is absolutely no exposure of breast, sides, or back – making it great if you do not use any nursing tanks etc. It’s generous sizing also makes it suitable for people of varying heights and sizes, and ensures that all of baby is always covered (no feet sticking out the side), making it near impossible for onlookers to really know what you are doing. It is also the only cover that I could actually get to properly fit around my stroller and it would also make a lovely blanket if out and about. However, since it does not have a rigid neckline, it is a little more difficult to see baby while attaching and to maintain constant eye contact, as with the Renorose, this will be less of an issue the more experienced you are with feeding your baby. My baby enjoyed grabbing the fabric and playing with it in her hands, however, since there is plenty of fabric in the nursing cover, no exposure was incurred. Due to the large amount of fabric in these covers, they are the heaviest and bulkiest to transport around with you and would be like having a light – medium weight cardigan folded up in your nappy bag. This is a full body covering cover, so possibly you may find it a little hot in warm climates, however the 100% cotton and the Antibacterial Waffle are a lighter weight fabric which should help combat this to a degree. Only available in a few plain colours which will not go out of season and should go with almost anything in your wardrobe.

The 100% cotton is a lightweight crush resistant fabric and has a lovely satin trim around it. BUY NOW

The Pink Knit is a beautiful feminine and soft knit fabric. Probably not ideal in hot climates, but great if you are in a cooler area. You could even wear this as a nice shawl due to the style of fabric or use it as a light – medium weight baby blanket. BUY NOW

The Antibacterial UV Waffle is a lovely lightweight and soft feeling fabric. The Antibacterial is great in the event of baby sicking on it, and the UV factor helps block harmful UV rays while baby is feeding or while the cover is being used as a pram cover. BUY NOW


Hooter Hider Nursing Cover

Hooter Hider $39.95CoverageCompactnessCarry BagWeight & Folded Dimensions
Hooter Hider Nursing CoverYes135g
approx 27cm x 13cm x 2.5cm

The Hooter Hider nursing covers (manufactured by Bebe au lait) are one of the most popular covers on the market. They are highquality, easy to use, stylish and well designed to make breastfeeding in public private yet practical. The Hooter Hider is made of 100% cotton making it lightweight and able to be folded up nice and compact for transport. The patented rigid neckline allows for good eye contact with baby and good airflow if you are in a warmer climate. The rigid neckline also makes it much easier to start baby feeding in such a way that you can see what you are doing, but no-one else can. For this reason, it is excellent in those early weeks breastfeeding while you and baby are getting used to what you are doing. The Hooter Hider has two styles and each comes with its own carry bag. One has a pocket on the right outside corner of the cover for storing breast pads or dummies etc. This is great unless you need to use your left hand to access the pocket. The other style of Hooter Hider has a lovely frill detail along the base and neckline, however, there is no pocket at all on this style. Coverage is great for the style of product it is. It completely covers the breast and stomach, however, depending on your size, you may find your sides a little exposed, and your back will definitely be exposed. You can also expect baby’s feet to hang out the side as they reach 4 – 6 months old. My baby didn’t fiddle too much with the fabric, but did enjoy grabbing the rigid neckline and pulling down on it. Thankfully, she couldn’t pull on it hard enough to undo the neck strap or expose anything. I tried to fit this around my Valco layback stroller, but couldn’t get the neck strap to reach around the handles therefore making attaching the cover in place very difficult. It would be ok used as a blanket, but only as a very light one. Any side or back exposure issues could be eliminated if wearing a nursing tank, the Milkshirt, or the Breastvest.

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Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover

Bebe au LaitCoverageCompactnessCarry BagWeight & Folded Dimensions
bebe au lait camden nursing coverNo157g
approx 24cm x 12cm x 3cm

Bebe au Lait make three nursing cover styles; the standard Bebe au lait, the Hooter Hider as reviewed above, and the Simple Organic nursing cover. The standard Bebe au lait nursing cover boasts all the same benefits and features as the Hooter Hider. The only difference is that none of the Standard Bebe au lait designs have the outside pocket or frill detail options. They are the same fabric, compact fold, and patented rigid neckline etc. The only differences are the patterns, no carry bag, and that they have a terry towelling pocket on each inside corner of the cover for storing your breast pads, dummies etc. I personally prefer this design as it means I have access to a pocket on either side (depending on which hand is free). Due to the towelling, they also act like light weights to the corners, helping hold the cover in place and making it at least a little more difficult for baby to lift and fiddle with. Due to being the same design as the others I had the same issues with trying to use it as a pram shade.

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Breastvest Review

Breastvest in use while standing

The Breastvest is another excellent breastfeeding accessory. It is a singlet style top that covers from just below your bra to midway down your buttocks. It is 95% Viscose and 5% Elastane, making it quite a light, stretchy, and comfortable fabric. I think that because it doesn’t cover your back or front above the base of your bra, it helps make it a cooler alternative to the Milkshirt. It is also great if you are wearing low cut or v-neck tops as it cannot be seen. The shoestring straps also make it a good accessory to tops with similar straps. I did find however that the straps did tend to fall off my shoulders (although I am narrow shouldered). I was able to fix this issue by tucking the straps under my bra straps which effectively held them in place. As mentioned, the length of the Breastvest is longer making it great for layering or tucking in. Overall, a great product that is very effective and saves you having to buy several different style nursing tanks/tops. If you prefer people can’t actually see baby feeding (Attached to the breast), you may want to couple this product with a nursing cover.

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