Morning Sickness

Morning sickness, otherwise known as nausea gravidarum!

morning sicknessThose two words together send shivers up my spine!  If you have felt this, or are feeling this right now, you probably know what I mean.  It is the most unusual sickness when you can feel so ill, be sick and then feel like eating again, followed by nausea again.  When I was pregnant with baby number one and baby number four I was unwell for the best of 14 weeks.  I distinctly remember the realisation one morning, in the 14th week, that I felt well enough to get up, eat and converse in a half-normal manner.

There is a variety of research that attempts to explain why women suffer morning sickness.  Some say it is necessary to keep a woman healthy from food-borne disease, while many say it is related to higher oestrogen levels and still others say it is closely related to diet.  It is different for every woman although many suffer for between 6 and 12 weeks.  Unfortunately for some, the whole 9 months is spent feeling unwell and for others they end up in hospital with severe dehydration or weight loss.

I can only offer some ideas that may help with this feeling and encourage those who are going through this right now that it will pass, even if it feels as if it won’t.  See your doctor if you are losing weight, constantly dizzy and generally very unwell.   I know the days that I drank more water, had slept reasonably well and had no stressful jobs to do I felt the best.  In saying that, there were random days that for no other reason, I felt unwell no matter what I did.  At my worst I was eating way too much pasta covered with butter.  So much so that a friend turned up with a bag of groceries, brimming with vegetables, and made me eat a salad!  I’m not sure I felt better but it was better for my health!  I then found if I cooked tea in the morning I could actually face eating it that night – if I missed the window it was pasta again for sure!  Regular exercise is good for us all and many find it particuarly good when suffering from morning sickness.

All in all please remember to ask for help if you need it.  I got better at asking for help each time I had another child.  When you are really feeling down pull out the baby videos or photos or imagine what your first baby will look like.  This may help you look forward to the future – the very exciting part where you get to meet your baby and watch them grow.

Let me know your tips for staving off or limiting morning sickness.

See you next week, Meagan


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