MilkScreen Alcohol Test Kit for Breastmilk

Milkscreen is an innovative product designed and manufactured by Upspring Baby. The Milkscreen test strips give you
peace of mind so that you can breastfeed your baby with confidence. Through a quick and simple process, the  Milkscreen can detect the presence of alcohol in breast milk.


Alcohol in breastmilk works essentially the same way as alcohol in your blood stream. The alcohol that is in your blood (the level depending on how much you drink), will pass to your breastmilk and back again. In other words, the amount of alcohol that is present in your breastmilk, will be the same as what’s in your blood. The amount will depend on the types of drinks you are consuming, how many, how often, how much you are eating etc. Alcohol will only leave your breastmilk as it leaves your blood. So, if it takes 4 hrs for alcohol to be out of your blood, it will take this long for it to be out of your breastmilk. You cannot just express and throw out your milk, and then assume the next pump will be all clear (because the alcohol is still present in your blood). The best advice is to plan ahead and express some milk for your baby BEFORE you have a drink, and then use the Milkscreen to test your milk after you have finished. The Milkscreen product is not intended to be used in the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of alcohol intoxication or poisoning or other health-related conditions in women or nursing babies.

While the Milkscreen used to be available for purchase in Australia and through our website, it is unfortunately no longer able to be imported from the US. The Milkscreen does contain some animal bi-products, due to this, the product is not approved for importation by customs. Customers seeking to purchase the Milkscreen test strips may be able to purchase the product directly from overseas stores, however, we do advise that you first check with the store you are purchasing from to ensure they have been successfully able to send the product to Australian addresses.

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