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A maternity support belt is a specially designed pregnancy band that wraps around and under a pregnant mothers bump, in order to provide ‘lift’ to her belly, and therefore help alleviate back pain.

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Make sure you choose the correct Maternity Support Belt!

It is possible to purchase a support belt, only to find it is not as effective as you would have hoped. To ensure you purchase a maternity support belt that will help alleviate your back pain, try to ensure the following:

  • Make sure the support level matches your pain level – The amount of pain you are feeling, if you are carrying twins, or if you suffer pre-existing back problems will determine what level of support you require
  • Make sure the belt you choose supports the areas that need it – Pain can be felt as low as the pubic area right up to the mid section of your back. Different belts will target different areas. Pain can be caused by different conditions, so it is important that you purchase a belt best suited to managing your condition.
  • Make sure your support belt is correctly fitting – A maternity support belt that is too loose will not provide enough, if any support, and will therefore not be effective in treating your pain. A belt that is too tight around your belly is not good for baby and may cause you extra pain and discomfort.
  • Quality – More often than not, you will be wearing your belt every day for the remainder of your pregnancy. You may even use it for subsequent pregnancies. Ensure the belt you are purchasing will last and that it’s design and fabrics will continue to provide the right level of support throughout it’s use.


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Causes of back pain during pregnancy

Back pain generally starts to occur around the second trimester of pregnancy, and is experienced by up to 2 thirds of pregnant women. Pregnancy related back pain is most commonly felt at the sacroiliac joint (the point where your pelvis and spine meet). Back pain during pregnancy can differ in severity from one woman to another, and can occur due to a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Weight gain throughout your pregnancy as well as the forward growth of your uterus and the increasing weight of your baby places increased pressure on your spine, resulting in a higher degree of lower back ache.
  2. If you have pre-existing back problems, it is likely that these will be present and potentially become worse during pregnancy
  3. The increased levels of relaxin now occurring in your system, mean that not only are the ligaments in your pelvic area becoming loosened, but so do some of the ligaments in your spinal area. Obviously this loosening means that you are much more susceptible to joints etc moving, and the potential of back strain is increased
  4. As you progress through each trimester of your pregnancy, your posture begins to change. You may start to slump more, or overcompensate for the change in your center of gravity. This can place extra stress on your back
  5. Believe it or not, stress, can contribute to pregnancy back pain. Try and make time to sit and relax with your feet up, so as to help reduce your stress levels
  6. As your uterus grows, forward force is placed on your tummy muscles (rectus abdominus). This generally causes your muscles to split down the middle (called a diastasis recti), meaning less support is provided to your growing belly, and extra pressure is placed on your back muscles and spine.

Maternity Support Belt benefits:

Gabrialla maternity support belt MS-96

The benefits of a maternity support belt far outweigh the initial purchase cost. They provide immediate relief for most pregnancy back aches, making each trimester more enjoyable and comfortable, and they can always be kept and used for subsequent babies.

  • Due to the special design of a maternity support belt, when worn, your baby bump will be slightly lifted up. This helps alleviate the forward and downward strain on your back, in turn relieving the severity of your pregnancy back pain. The degree of lift will generally depend on which brand maternity support belt you purchase, with the amount of support offered varying from light to strong.
  • Due to the upward lift created by the pregnancy support belt, your posture will also improve
  • It is claimed that because a maternity support belt ‘lifts’ your belly, there is less chance of you developing major stretch marks, and if you do, they will be less significant than if you were not wearing a support band.
  • Some maternity support belt brands include a pocket at the back, in which you can place a warm or cold compress to provide added relief (like the Upsie Belly by Belly Bandit and the Gabrialla Medium Support)
  • A maternity support belt is especially beneficial if you are undertaking any form of pregnancy exercise, since it helps to support and hold up your tummy, as well as reducing the added strain on your back.
  • Can be worn under or over your clothes and for as long as and during whatever trimester you require.

Maternity Support Belt precautions:

There are very few precautions to consider if choosing to wear a Maternity support belt, however, a few things that are worth keeping in mind:

  • Do not do it up too tight (make sure you get the right size)
  • Make sure it sits under your bump, not across the front of your bump.
  • A maternity support belt is not the complete solution to all forms of pregnancy back pain or pelvic conditions. If your pain persists, please make sure you consult your doctor or physiotherapist.

To assist Australian mothers with being able to feel as comfortable as possible throughout their pregnancy journey, we have compiled an extensive maternity support belt range including the Belly Bra from Fertile Mind. If you have any questions regarding our products or need help with sizing your pregnancy support belt, please do not hesitate to contact us.